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About Us


We are three ladies who have a lot of fun working together, and it shows in our work and the occasional banter in our Slack chat. We also enjoy helping our clients. Between the three of us, we can tackle the large mountain of work that you’ve been putting off, or help with that project that needs a fresh perspective from people who love what they do.


Regardless if your frog pond is a corporation or small business, consider us as your partners, or an extension of your team who will be there when you need us.


Robin - Lily Pad Coordinator | Designer/CEO 

Robin has unparalleled creativity and skills when it comes to animating objects in your video as well as being the driving force that propels your digital project into action.


Robin excels in video and web design. Her skills include:

  • Taking your video project from dream to completion.

  • Video editing and motion graphics, specializing in explainer videos.

  • Creatively taking existing content and turn it into current, up-to-date content for longer shelf life.

  • Video translation.

  • Video management across social platforms.

  • Web/Usability design.

  • Website upgrades.

    • Converting existing sites to popular Web platforms such as WIX for easy maintenance and application integration.

    • Upgrading to a more current platform which offers many advantages like easier maintenance, app integration for forms and scheduling.

  • Website training - let me teach you how to maintain your site.


If you’re struggling with a digital project, whether it’s a concept or existing footage, I can help turn your ideas into a reality.

Vickie - Leap Frogger | Digital Marketer  

Vickie has an uncanny ability to take any amount of crazy and turn it into the most well organized, streamlined project you’ll ever see.


Vickie wears multiple hats and her skills include:

  • Project and workflow management.

  • Superior organizational skills for projects and digital asset inventory.

  • Analytical reporting.

  • Ability to analyze Web trends based on existing content and make recommendations.

  • Website building and content editing on multiple platforms.

  • Q/A website, emails and tools - No broken links on her watch.

  • Web content assessments and recommendations.

  • Email marketing

  • Graphic design and video editing content.

  • Quickly learns your products and services which in turn, allows her to evaluate processes and make recommendations for improvement.


If you’re struggling with too many day-to-day tasks, let her help so you can focus on the most important task at hand for any business: growth!


Teri - Webster McRibbit | Digital Marketer 

(Our very own grammar queen and dictionary of words.) 

Teri is our writer, document creator, and photographer. She is dedicated to providing professional writing assistance of any type and capturing that headshot that you’ll want to use across all your social media accounts.


  • Content writing for sites, articles, social, email, or any communication.

  • Video scriptwriting.

  • LinkedIn profile writing assistance.

  • Content research.

  • Ability to learn current processes and make recommendations for process improvements.

  • Ability to create workflow processes with detailed instructions.

  • Professional photography skill for headshots or products.

  • Photo Editing.

  • Forms designer and creator.


If you’re struggling with your first draft, she can help take away the burden of the blank page and get you on the write track, pun-intended!

Diana - The Frog Princess

Diana has a contagious toddler laugh that can brighten anyone's day.


She can often be heard in the background of her mommy's (Robin) audio scratch tracks in video, adding her two cents. This happened by accident once and her clients loved it. Now they often listen for Diana in the background and report back when they hear her.


It is all in fun - who doesn't like to have more fun at work? 

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